Of Water and Stone

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010 - an hour after midnight

clades of disagreement,
shaping themselves as an ersatz
godling, etheric, unreal and casting
no shadows, where light
escapes and electrons pace
their own clades of
pliant objectivity,
itself a fiction, even now a lie and more
and the all over the place
becomes the never, and nowhere
do we find ourselves,
trapped by distances
and the disagreements that fill the gaps
the clades, the instance of the face,
a quirk in lips, the lingering eyelid,
a dissonance in lambent notes,
replaced now with the spaded
night of faceless


  1. Hello!

    I wanted to thank you for your intelligent and spot on comment made over at Renegade Eye in response to The Pagan Temple and his wet dreams of ‘nuclear holes in Damascus’. After reading it I couldn’t help peeking at your profile and your blogs. Unfortunately your other blog doesn’t have a comment section, so I post it here. Thanks also for your support of the Egyptian People in their hard and dangerous struggle for freedom and non-interference from Empire…

  2. Gert,

    Thank you very much. Don't use this blog often. Mostly just to write poetry for my wife. I turned the comments back on today, over there.

    Again, thank you.

  3. Poetry for your wife, eh? Who said ‘romance is dead’. You must be doing something right and she’s a lucky woman!

    Unfortunately Renegade Eye now had to resort to deleting the whole comment thread to get rid of the abuse by his two resident brown shirt racists/homophobes (Pagan and Sentinel)… I hope they’re best pleased with themselves.